Like anyother sovereign country in the world, UK also follows strict immigration rulesand legislation to control and monitor the intake of foreign nationals. This iscommonly known as entry clearance for the UK. Almost all nationality holdersfrom around the globe can enter UK after obtaining the required permission fromthe Home Office and UKVI. Nevertheless, British Citizens and EEA nationals areexcluded as they are not subject to UK immigration law and can enter or leavethe country without any hindrance.

The process of seeking entry clearance is quite complex and it requiressome professional advice from an experienced person. It requires hecticdocumentation and you have to prove the narrative as for why you want to enterthe UK. Failing to do so can result in refusal of your entry clearance or visaapplication. Therefore, the question arises as to what type of strategy you canfollow to get entrance in the UK through legitimate ways.

The most influential factor in this context is contacting one of themost renowned and highly experienced Immigration lawyers. These service providers will provide you with the relevantadvice and guide you about the requirements for entry clearance. Moreover, itwould allow you to understand, as to what type documents and evidentiary proofsare necessary to fulfill the requirements of an entry clearance in the UK.


What is an Entry clearance?

The Entryclearance is simply a term, which is normally associated with all sorts of applications for UK visas.These applications are filed by the non-EEA or foreign nationals from all over the world and may include followingcategories

  • Visitor Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Spouse
  • Student etc

Do you need an Entry Clearance for theUK?

Prior toapplying for an entry clearance, it is important to find out whether you needsuch permission or not. In actual, all the countries whose citizens requiresuch a document to enter the UK are specified in the Immigration Rules. If youbelong to such a country, it is binding on you to first obtain a visa for aparticular category that fits your personal and professional circumstances. Youcontact Immigration solicitors uk or Immigration lawyers in theUK to find out how youcan get Entry Clearance.


On thecontrary, there are few countries, which require UK‘s entry clearance only whentheir period of stay is exceeding six months. For instance, Americans are normallycapable of entering the UK without anentry clearance visa; however, they need to persuade the borderauthorities to grant them “Leave to Entry”. The citizens of such countries are callednon-visa national.

How CanImmigration Solicitor Assist you?

If you area non-EEA national and want to apply for entry clearance to the UK, you may contactqualified Immigration lawyers whoare providing their services for UKImmigration. These solicitors can assist you while preparing your applicationand guide you at every stage of visa processing. Moreover, you will receive an expertadvice in order to file an error-free andcomplete application. In this way, youcan enhance the chances of getting your visa application approved.

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