The Indefinite Leave to Remain UK or ILR is a right, which allows a person to remain indefinitely in the UK. This right is awarded without any restriction of time or any other visa conditions. It is commonly known as Permanent Residence. After the Indefinite leave to remain is granted, you may live in the UK with the benefits of a settled person and there will be no restrictions regarding employment. The process involved during the settlement procedure can be completed at the same day by utilizing the Premium Service.

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Mandatory Requirements

The Basic requirement of obtaining an ILR is that you should have a ‘Leave to Remain’ or permission to stay in the UK. For this purpose, you must prove that you are currently residing in the UK under a specific visa category or combination of various visas. Other requirements are described below.


· Have been living in the UK for a continuous period of 10 years

· Diligently followed the visa rules during your stay in the UK

· Pass the “Life in the UK Test”

· Must have required English language skills

The 10-year period is calculated from the time of your arrival in the UK through a visa or when you were awarded the permit to reside in the UK.

Continuous Residence

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As stated above, continuous residence is the most essential requirement for obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain UK. This period consists of the time that you have spent continuously in the UK and without gaps. However, you may leave the UK during this period for not more than 180 days at a time and the total days spent outside the UK should not exceed the limit of 540 days.


Note: The time spent in secure hospital, prison, Young Offender’s Institution is not included in the period of continuous residence. Similarly, time spent in the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man or Channel Islands is also deducted from the continuous residence period.

Necessary Documents

The documents, which you must provide while obtaining an ILR are as under.

· A valid travel ID or Valid Passport

· Biometric Residence Permit (If available)

· All previous passports since your arrival in the UK

· Police Registration Certificate (If available)

· 2 Photographs (Passport Size)

If you have provided documents, which are not in English or Welsh, it is mandatory to include the certified translation of these documents. The list of documents is available on the application form and you are advised to prepare your application after thorough perusal of this list. However, each applicant should provide some other documentary evidence in accordance with his/her individual circumstances.


Life in the UK Test

The Life in the UK test is the essential requirement in most of the cases for obtaining the Indefinite Leave to Remain UK. The main purpose of this test is to check your knowledge about the life in the UK and to evaluate, as how you have adapted to it. The test involves a series of MCQ’s, which revolves around the UK’s geography, British history or culture, and other similar Questions.

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