If you have an intention to enter into a marriage with your fiancé or partner, it is obligatory to furnish a notice of marriage at a relevant registry office serving in the UK. Just giving a notice is not that all you need, as you have to wait for a minimum period of 28 days prior to enter into marriage with each other.

In case the spouse or fiancé is from outside the UK and EEA, the said person is required to file an application for a family of a settled person visa or a marriage visa UK. This is essential if the applicant is planning to live in the UK for a period exceeding 6 months

Marriage Visa UK
Marriage Visa UK

It is necessary to mention here that the fiancé may only apply for this specific visa if he/she is living outside of the UK at the time of filing the visa application. The decision with reference to this visa class is normally granted within 12 weeks.

The time period within which you should marry is 12 months after serving the notice of marriage at the registry office in the UK. If you have failed to marry within this specific time under any circumstances, you will have to serve another notice. The minimum notice period can be reduced to 15 days on request if both the fiancée are either British citizens or EEA nationals. “EEA Immigration Solicitors

Notice of Marriage Interview

At the time of giving a notice of marriage, both the partners are interviewed separately. The reason for this is to find out that whether the marriage is a genuine one or there are some other factors associated with the marriage. If the marriage is appeared to be a sham marriage, the registry office is authorized to report this fact to the Home Office for further action. It is normally observed that during the marriages where one partner is a Non-EEA citizen whereas the other is a British citizen or EEA citizen, the basic purpose appears to obtain a marriage visa UK by the Non-EEA fiancé. Hence, these kinds of marriage are thoroughly scrutinized by the registry office.


In case both the fiancée are British citizens or they are EU citizens, then the partners can serve the notice of marriage at the registry office in any of the city or town where you have spend 7 days continuously before submitting the notice of marriage. Both the partners can give the notice separately at the registry offices close to their residence or workplace. This is done to facilitate the process of giving marriage notice with reference to the needs of the proposed marriage couple. Once the notice is served, the fiancée should wait for a particular time to obtain the marriage certificate and continue to live in the UK as legal spouses.

Documents Required

If both the fiancée are British citizens or EEA citizens or they live in the UK under a marriage visa UK or Fiance visa UK, they must bring following documents at the time of interview at the registry office.


· A passport or naturalization certificate

· Latest council tax bill

· Bank statement

· Tenancy agreement or Driving license

· Passport sized photograph

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