The foreign partners already living in the UK on a visa, which has a validity period of more than six months i.e work permit or student visa, is eligible to file an application for a Marriage Visa UK. This category also applies to those who have obtained fiancée visa after marrying their intended spouse. Such persons can apply to remain permanently in the UK after a specific period.

Marriage Visa UK
Marriage Visa UK

To get started, an application for further leave to remain or FLR (m) is submitted with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). You can send the request for extension by mail or personally. If you apply for a further leave to remain or UK settlement visa from within the UK, it provides you the right to reside and work in the UK for 30-months. This is your first step towards seeking indefinite leave to remain or ILR or permanent residency in the UK.


Both the UK sponsor and the applicant should fulfill particular eligibility requirements, in order to qualify for a UK settlement marriage visa. The partners should consider every aspect while submitting the supporting documents.

Eligibility Criteria

Following are the requirements for the Marriage Visa UK.

a) Present and Settled

The person sponsoring this type of visa should possess a status of settled person without any visa restrictions. He/she should be;

· British citizens (whether through naturalization, by birth or descent)

· UK legal permanent residents (indefinite leave to remain -ILR)

· Holder of Right of abode

In case the sponsor is residing outside the UK, he/she should show an intention to return to the UK prior to or at the time of applicant’s arrival through spouse visa.


b) Valid Marriage

Both the parties should be legally married and is recognized under UK laws. The marriage certificates written in other language should also be translated into English.


c) Age

The age of spouses must not be less than 18 years at the date of their entry in the UK.


d) Genuine Marriage

You must satisfy the immigration officials that there is a genuine and continuing relationship with your UK sponsor. For more go to the Immigration Solicitors UK.


e) Accommodation and Threshold Requirement

The sponsor should be in a position to financially support the foreign spouse and any dependents. Moreover, a suitable accommodation should also be provided under the Housing Act. The minimum earning should not be less than £18,600 per annum and it increases to £22,400 for one dependent and £24,800 for two dependents. You must also have personal savings or other sources of income to show your financial stability. The personal savings of applicant or non-employment income can also be considered for this purpose. According to revised rules, if the sponsor is receiving a DLA or other disability-related benefits, it serves as an exemption from the financial requirements.


f) English language test

The UK Border Agency has implemented the English language requirement in 2010. A wide range of visa applicants is bound to pass the required English language test, prior to applying for a marriage visa UK. However, the nationals of English-speaking countries or those who have a degree where English was the medium of education are exempted from the English language requirement.


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