Tier 2 Dependent Visa

The family members or dependants of a person living in the UK can visit this country after being sponsored or they can accompany you to the UK under Tier 2 Dependant Visa. The dependants can apply for the visa in case they are non-EEA nationals or living in the countries which don’t have certain immigration terms with the UK.

Tier 2 dependent Visa
Tier 2 dependent Visa


Who is a Dependant?

Any person may fall under the definition of a dependant for this visa if he/she is:

• The husband, wife or partner of the primary visa holder

• Children of such a visa holder under the age of 18 years

Dependants Applying from Outside the UK

The dependants living outside the UK should apply online. They are required to provide their photograph and fingerprints at a visa application center. After this, they will be eligible to get a biometric residence permit, which is a part of their Tier 2 Dependant Visa application. The dependants must collect the biometric residence permit within a time span of 30 days after arriving in the UK.


Personal Savings

Meeting the financial requirements is an essential part of dependant visa application. The visa holder must prove that his/her dependants will be supported during their stay in the UK. Moreover, each of the dependants should have £630 in their possession no matter whether they are applying separately or with you. This amount doesn’t include the amount of £945, which the primary visa holder should have at the time of filing the application. In addition, the dependants must also pay the healthcare surcharge.


The funds available to you or your dependants should be mentioned on the application form and the amount should have been in the bank account for not less than 90 days prior to filing an application. The savings threshold that you have in your access should not be less than £2,205 in the case you are planning to bring your partner and one child.

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The exception to this rule includes the following circumstances.

• You must have a Certificate of Sponsorship, which suggests that in case of a need, the sponsor will provide each of your dependants an amount of £630 with a view to bear their expenses for a whole month


• Fully approved (‘A-rated’) sponsor

Application by the Dependants Living in the UK

The dependants may apply for an extension or they may switch their Tier 2 Dependent Visa to further increase their period of stay while living in the UK. This is the legitimate way to extend the time period of stay for the dependants and allow them to live in the UK without any restrictions. The applicants must provide the required documents and mention the dates of arrival and period of stay in the UK.


There are two options for the dependants regarding the filing of an application. They can utilize the priority service, where the applicant may obtain a same-day decision while submitting their application at a premium service center. The family members or dependant are not allowed to apply for a dependant visa if they are already living in the UK under a visitor visa.

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